Dairy Farming Insurance

Dairy Farm owners know all too well that they face enormous risks each and every day. Insurance is one of the most important business assets any dairy owner can purchase.

Weather, machinery malfunctions, and operator errors are all headaches that can be covered by insurance–that is, if you have the right insurance. All businesses must have general liability and most require Worker’s Compensation in order to operate. But dairy farms have needs that are much different from other businesses.

MCV Insurance Producers offers dairy farmers specialized coverage provided by one of the many insurance companies that we represent. With MCV Insurance Producers, dairy farmers have options including:

  • Equipment breakdown coverage – Your milking parlor, bulk tank, compressor and other dairy equipment are covered for equipment breakdown or mechanical failure.
  • Disruption of income coverage – Covers for disruption of income that occurs as a result of the covered equipment breakdown.
  • Liability coverage for milk contamination – Covers for loss of your own milk through spoilage or leakage.
  • Coverage for your hay – As a dairy farmer, you probably keep a supply of hay on hand. At MCV Insurance Producers you have choices on how you insure your hay.
  • Pollution liability coverage – Farmers have exposure to liability for pollution from a variety of farm operations including:
    • Overspray/misapplication of chemicals
    • Leakage from on premises storage tanks and lagoons
    • Off premises liability from transportation

MCV Insurance Producers offers true “one stop” insurance service to their clients. A family owned agency, we have served the insurance needs of the Central Valley since 1947.

Let our family serve yours!

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