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Mid-Central Valley Insurance Producers, Inc. was formed in July of 1990 with the merger of Hanson, Ballard & Reed Insurance Brokers, Inc., Max Elson Insurance, Inc. and Kundert & Rolph Insurance, Inc.

The primary goal of the merger was to create buying power in the insurance marketplace, which allows us to obtain better pricing for our clients. The merger also allowed us to enhance our customer service by utilizing economies of scale and sharing resources.

In 2005, MCV Insurance Producers was invited to join and become a shareholder in United Valley Insurance Service (UVIS). This strategic move has enabled us to provide even more enhancements and savings for our clients. UVIS was founded in 1983 with the goal of providing member agencies a superior marketing edge over their competition. With our alignment with UVIS, MCV now has the buying power of over 560 million dollars in premium, giving our clients added marketing and placement clout.

Through UVIS, MCV has preferred contracts with leading insurance carriers, translating into better pricing, service and coverage for our clients. It also provides MCV with special privileges accorded very few agents.

As your broker, we prefer to analyze your current insurance coverage to make sure you have adequate coverage, so in your time of need, you are well cared for. Our goal is to insure you have excellent coverage at the best price.

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