California Bodes the Second Highest Crime Rate for Boat Theft in the US

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boat.jpgIf you’re one who loves to take the
boat out on the weekends in California, you need to be guaranteed you
can sufficiently secure it after hours. Lately, California has been
faced with heavy boat theft activity. The National
Insurance Crime Bureau
found that California
had accrued approximately 550 boat theft reports recently, placing it
second in the nation for this form of crime, with Florida coming in

Watercraft protection is a definite
must, especially with the increased possibility for boat theft within
Sacramento. Police in California have only managed to recoup half of
the stolen
, leaving others who don’t have the
proper insurance without any means of replacing their property
cheaply, or as effectively.

This National Bureau report shows
Sacramento as a definite hot spot for boat theft, meaning individuals
who own boats which are docked in marinas should seek out
alternatives to bring added security for their property. If they do
so in the right ways, it could discourage a thief from attempting to
steal. Locks that would be more complicated to try and break or cut
through could make all the difference.

Furthermore, ensuring that you have the
right forms
of insurance
, and even a rider on top of that
can help give you some added security if you do happen to fall victim
to one of these crimes. The top five boat styles that have fallen
prey to this are: Yamaha, Bombardier, Kawasaki, Alumacraft, and
Bayliner. These are all top names in boating/yachting, and very
expensive to replace without the prope water craft protection.

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