How Farmers Are Protecting Their Crop Against Natural Disaster

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fields.jpgAgriculture is the viable sustenance for many crop growers in California, and when disaster strikes it can be devastating. Two counties (Glenn and Tehema) in California have been verified as natural disaster zones due to the damaging loss of the olive crop back in 2011. The unseasonable warm temperatures created devastating consequences for growers of this crop. If those loses hadn’t been bad enough, the freezing temperatures before that, ranging from November 2010 to March of 2011 wreaked irreparable damage as well. Because of the harsh conditions in these two counties, and the continuous issues that arise pretty habitually, disaster insurance is the only iron clad safety net that these two counties, along with several others have for hopes of making ends meet some yield seasons.

Tom Vilsack, who is the Agricultural Secretary for California stated that, “President Obama and I want producers to know that disaster assistance is available to them to help provide a boost to the agriculture industry at a time when help is needed most.” This offers some reassurance for these growers in these two areas as well as the other counties such as: Butte, Colusa, Lake, Mendocino, Plumas, Shasta, and Trinity also. Without the disaster assistance program, some of these growers wouldn’t have any means of making ends meet for the rest of the season when they are hard hit by Mother Nature.

The USDA has also made a ménage of other assistance programs available to these farmers in these specific areas who seem to deal with the worst natural disasters that nature seems to whip up at them. Another thing that they have on their side is having secondary crop insurance that also offers more protection to them. It is always wise to arm yourself with as much insurance protection as necessary, when living in the areas where these farmers and ranchers do.

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