The 22nd Annual Oyster Festival

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oysters.jpgOn June 16, 2012 at the Arcata Plaza, located on Arcata Main Street, the traditional Oyster festival will be kicking into high gear for loads of fun and festivities.  This event in California is seeing its 22nd annual celebration, and it draws in crowds of around 18,000 people, which definitely keeps the local vendors busy from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm in the evening.  This is a get together for those in the restaurant business, as well as for chefs and other masters in the culinary arts.  The oysters that are prepared at the event are presented in a variety of ways for feasting upon.  The majority of these oysters are right from the Arcata bay, with 70% of them originating from here.  During this entertaining get together you can enjoy these oysters roasted, barbecued, fried, or even on top of a pizza.  Some folks prefer them raw, which is considered a delicacy. 

Most of the vendors that are at this festival are locals, the majority coming from Humboldt County.  Many of them come to compete in the annual competition as well, just to claim the traditional aware of ‘Best Oyster of the Festival.’  During this event there are shuttles that are provided for those who have had to park in lots that are a good distance from the main festivities.  You’ll find numerous spots for pick up on one of the many shuttles that come around practically every 15 minutes or so. 

This year’s event is also hosting a great musical line up for additional entertainment.  The local residents of Humboldt County are well known for their oyster growing and cooking, but they also have amazing musicians from this area as well.  There will be three live bands for this year’s lineup and these are:  The Berel Alexander Ensemble, Jah Sun, and The Trouble.  Jah Sun is a Reggae bit of music so everyone can get into the feeling of summertime and other summer activities. 

If you’d like more information, or exact directions on how to get to the Oyster festival feel free to call:  707-822-4500.

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