California Renters Insurance: Necessary, But Not Expensive!

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California Renters Insurance

Californians who rent their home rather than buy may not realize how crucial insurance is. However, it’s equally important to buy adequate insurance if you rent, no matter if you reside in a condominium, house, or townhome. California renters insurance is surprisingly inexpensive, easy to purchase and assures that you and your possessions will be protected!

Coverage IS Necessary!

If you rent, your landlord may have coverage, but his or her policy WILL NOT cover you or your belongings in the event of an accident.

But you still may be assuming that it is not worth purchasing coverage on your possessions. However, once you go through your possessions, it is typically surprising to see the total value.  Items such as electronics, furniture, clothes, computers, collectibles, and more can easily total over $50,000 — or much more.

Coverage ISN’T Expensive!

Most people don’t realize how inexpensive renter’s insurance is. Unlike typical Homeowner’s policies, a renter’s policy does not cover the structure, which is by far the most expensive aspect of a Homeowner’s policy.  The limited scope of a renter’s policy makes it a fraction of the price—the central aspect is your possessions!  A good independent agency can obtain quotes from many different companies, which allows companies to compete and ensures you receive the best rate and coverage for your dollar.

The central piece of information that is needed in order to purchase California Renters Insurance is the estimated value of your possessions. Determining his is a simple process — just stop by our offices and pick up a brochure that will walk you through the process.  In minutes, you will have a close idea of what your possessions are worth.   If you get confused by some items (such as older items or collectibles), be sure to talk with one of our agents so that your items are valued appropriately.

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